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Your hair color doesn’t hold? These tips will help

Your hair color doesn’t hold? What you can do about it

A new hair color or fresh highlights make us shine. Unfortunately the hair colour fades after some time, and the temptation is great to go to the hairdresser quickly to have the hair redyed. But too frequent colouring strains the hair, it becomes strawy and brittle. In the worst case, permanent dyeing can even lead to hair loss. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to come to this if you follow the following tips, which intensify the luminosity of the hair.

Prepare your hair well

If the hair color does not hold, the reason may be that the structure of the hair is damaged. Before colouring the hair, you should therefore have the tips cut and treat the hair with a hair treatment. In this way you can ensure that the hair is healthy and that the colour absorbs better. A hair treatment also protects the hair from the strains of hair colouring.

Use a similar shade

In general, it makes sense to use a shade that does not deviate too many nuances from the natural hair colour. If the colored hair is similar to your own hair color, it is not so noticeable when the intensity of the color decreases and also the base is not so strong to see. It is therefore less noticeable when the hair colour no longer lasts.

Use colour-enhancing products

With a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, you can easily ensure that the luminosity of the hair after coloring is maintained. Be sure to use products that are specifically tailored to your hair color, because blond hair has different needs than hair with a darker shade.

Wash your hair properly

The right hair wash is also important for a long-lasting colour. You should never wash your hair with water that is too hot as it strains the hair. The hair should therefore always be washed with lukewarm water. Chlorinated water should be avoided: Not only does it dry out the hair, it can also give it an unattractive greenish shade.

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