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Tob hairstyle: This is what the newcomer looks like under the bobsleigh!

And again there is a new term that we can include in our hairstyle repertoire. Tob is the new star in the hair sky. A haircut that is intended for chin- and medium-length hair and is very easy to style.

What is a Tob?

The new trendy hairstyle was sighted, oh wonder, in the fashion metropolis Paris. The word Tob is a combination of “great” and “bob”. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about a great thing like Elvis Presley. It is much more about the hair, which is graded fringy, with gentle waves sideways hairstyles. The approach is somewhat backcombed and casually put aside. Et voilĂ  – un Tob! This hairstyle only works with hair that is worn chin-length or shoulder-length – otherwise the hair is too heavy and the effect doesn’t come across so well. But it doesn’t matter which hair color you have, the Tob is just right for all of us!

Who stands the Tob?

The good thing about this new hairstyle trend is that this kind of Bob really flatters every face shape. The hairstyle should only differ in length, depending on the shape of the face. Women who have a narrow face should wear a Tob up to the chin length. The length makes the face look fuller. For the women among us, who would rather have a round face, we recommend a shoulder-length Tob – this length makes the face look a bit narrower and even extends the shape of the face.

The hairstyle trend is also suitable for fine hair! The steps and waves make the hair look much more voluminous!

How do I style the Tob?

Quite simple! The Tob is mainly about casual beach waves, which you can conjure with a curling iron and salt spray into your hair. Pull a deep side parting. There will be a slight wave at the base. If you want to make beach waves with the curling iron, make sure that the curls really look “Undone” and are not perfectly curled. Then you can knead the salt spray into your hair. If you want to reinforce your wave a bit at the base, you can antoup your hair a bit – the effect will be even bigger! Fix your Tob now with some hairspray and you’ve already styled the trendy hairstyle for this year!

If you like it a bit playful, you can add a hairband to your Tob hairstyle: All you need is a cloth, which I tie into your hair – a small bow in the front and you’ve already upgraded your hairstyle!

That’s why we love the new hairstyle

Half-length hairstyles actually fit any face shape and are perfect for women who tend to suffer from thin hair. The Tob makes it easier to add volume to the hair. If you have too many hairs, the Tob hairstyle is more suitable for thinning out your hair. The freshly cut tips benefit from this and can grow back healthily. Curly hair also has an advantage here: the curls are tamed thanks to the Tob hairstyle. The Tob hairstyle is truly a volume booster for fine hair!

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