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Attention, here’s where it gets hairy: We have all the info and news about current hairstyles, give you tips for great hair styling and show you the best care products for healthy hair.

Thin Hair: The most beautiful hairstyles of the stars

Thin hair, goodbye! With our hairstyles for thin, little and/or fine hair you finally get more volume! We show the most sophisticated haircuts of the international hair professionals as well as the styling tricks of the stars and models. Flying, thin strands of hair were yesterday, because in our gallery you will find the best hairstyles for thin hair and also get great tips for styling and the right care.

Facts about thin hair

You complain about fine hair and think that you have much less hair on your head than other women? And you’re so burdened with it that you’re totally lost when it comes to hairstyles? We can reassure you a little. Usually those of us who have fine hair actually have more hair on our heads. However, they are thinner in circumference than for people with thick hair.

As a rule, the diameter of a strand of hair is about 0.05 to 0.07 millimetres, with fine hair 0.04 millimetres. Even if the difference is only 0.01 millimeters: Unfortunately, it makes a lot of difference!

Unfortunately, our volume cannot only be influenced by expensive shampoo and cures. The genes of our parents also play an important role. The hairy matter was already put into our cradle. But now enough with all the complaining! As so often in life the medal has two sides:

These are the advantages of thin hair

  • dries faster
  • is easy to clean
  • is better suited for short hairstyles
  • is smoother
  • shines more
  • quick-styled

The best care tips for thin hair

You have already tried various shampoos and conditioners, but are still not completely satisfied with the products? Sensitivity is required here! You don’t need many products, just the right ones. Hot tip from the editorial staff: To make sure your hair doesn’t just hang down, you should use light and water-soluble shampoos. Everything that contains heavy ingredients will leave your hair hanging down tired and weak. Logical, isn’t it? Shampoos containing collagen are also ideal for fine hair. The collagen boosts the hair at the base and provides more volume.

The 3 best styling tips for thin hair

It is necessary to constantly take into account all the needs of hard disobedient hair. This also applies to styling. We recommend that you use a lotion or serum to straighten your hair before using the chi titanium flat irons so that the drying process does not lead to excessive dehydration. In this case, the hair will be smooth and preserve its natural moisture balance.

For more volume at the hairline you can easily back your topcoat. Optically, a side parting can also work wonders – because it also makes your hair look more voluminous.

Always blow-dry your hair over your head! This makes your hairline look less flat. Our insider tip: You can also blow-dry your hair against your crown. This brings extra volume.

The right haircut does it! Step cuts make your hair look fuller. Even a sidecut quickly distracts from your thin hair structure and makes it appear fuller.

These hairstyles are suitable for fine hair

Many women with fine hair are desperate for a more voluminous mane, but this is certainly only because they have not yet found the right haircut for their hair structure! If fine hair is cleverly shaped, it will look much fuller. Some hairstyles can be found in our picture gallery.

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