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Attention, here’s where it gets hairy: We have all the info and news about current hairstyles, give you tips for great hair styling and show you the best care products for healthy hair.

Styling Tips

Thin Hair: The most beautiful hairstyles of the stars

Thin hair, goodbye! With our hairstyles for thin, little and/or fine hair you finally get more volume! We show the most sophisticated haircuts of the international hair professionals as well as the styling tricks of the stars and models. Flying, thin strands of hair were yesterday, because in our gallery you will find the best hairstyles for thin hair and also get great tips for styling and the right care.

Silicea: What is the benefit of silica?

Thick, shiny hair, firm skin, healthy nails and perfect digestion: who wouldn’t want that? Silicic acid Silicea is said to be the beauty miracle weapon. Whether taken as gel or Schüssler salt or applied externally, the trace element Silicea is always versatile. We have taken a closer look at Silicea and tell you which application is the right one when and what you have to pay attention to. What is

Hair Colors Trends 2019: These styles will conquer our heads this year!

The hair colors trends 2019 remain feminine and elegant: very natural colors such as hazelnut, caramel and velvety red dominates – but also pastel shades and colorful hair colors remain fashionable. Be inspired by all the beautiful trend hair colors that will grace our head in 2019! The highlight: the right hairstyle. Hair color trend 2019: Copper red Who wants a more extreme change on the head, this year can

Green tinge in the hair – that’s how you get rid of him

Blondes know the problem, but brunette women can also be affected: Green tinge in the hair. But don’t panic! We’ll tell you where the unsightly green cast comes from, how you can prevent it and what to do if a green cast has caught you. Green tint in the hair: The causes In addition to genetic factors, it is above all external influences that can give your hair an unattractive

Tob hairstyle: This is what the newcomer looks like under the bobsleigh!

And again there is a new term that we can include in our hairstyle repertoire. Tob is the new star in the hair sky. A haircut that is intended for chin- and medium-length hair and is very easy to style. What is a Tob? The new trendy hairstyle was sighted, oh wonder, in the fashion metropolis Paris. The word Tob is a combination of “great” and “bob”. But don’t worry,