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Silicea: What is the benefit of silica?

Thick, shiny hair, firm skin, healthy nails and perfect digestion: who wouldn’t want that? Silicic acid Silicea is said to be the beauty miracle weapon. Whether taken as gel or Schüssler salt or applied externally, the trace element Silicea is always versatile. We have taken a closer look at Silicea and tell you which application is the right one when and what you have to pay attention to.

What is Silicea?

Silicea, the rock crystal – better known as silicic acid – is the compound of silicon, water and oxygen. The great advantage of Silicea over other silicon products, such as silica, is that the very small particles it contains can be absorbed particularly well by the body.

Silicon is a chemical element that occurs, for example, in rock crystals or other quartzes. Our body also contains silicon as a trace element. It supports the body in the formation and growth of cells and is therefore important for skin, hair and nails. In addition, the trace element strengthens connective tissue and bones and has a positive effect on the elasticity of the arteries. Silicon is the main component of silica, which is probably known to many of you.

In addition, silicon has an extremely good binding capacity. It can bind a multiple of its own weight to water and a lot of moisture is good for the cells! But also when it comes to getting rid of germs, this property of Silicea benefits us, because the pathogens are transported by the body faster.

Silicea Application

As the trace element stimulates cell renewal and ensures that nutrients can be optimally transported in the skin, hair and nails, Silicea silicic acid in gel or capsule form is very popular.

What does Silicea cost?

Silicea preparations are available in health food shops but also in organic shops as Schüssler salts, globules or gel. For example, if you take a silica gel cure, take a small amount of gel (see package insert!) diluted with water every day over a period of several months. In order for the body to absorb the active ingredient optimally, it is recommended to take it between meals. 500 ml is already available for around 14 euros.

Silicon is also contained in many foods. The content is particularly high in oat flakes and oat bran, dates, beans and teff.

Silicea for beautiful hair

For a long time, the effect of Silicea or silicon on hair was controversial. In a study conducted by the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, however, researchers found that the thickness of the hair actually improved when Silicea was taken daily. After the study participants had taken silicic acid for six months, their hair was on average 13% thicker than before.

Silicea has a positive effect on the hair structure, since it also supports connective tissue, the hair roots can also absorb other nutrients better after a silicic acid treatment.

Silicea gel can also be applied externally to enhance the effect. Simply add a small blob to the shampoo or hair treatment.

Silicea for stable nails

Even those who suffer from brittle nails can benefit from a Silicea treatment: similar to hair, the structure is strengthened and thus elasticity and firmness are improved. For example, more and more manufacturers are adding silicon to nail polishes to strengthen the nails.

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