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Attention, here’s where it gets hairy: We have all the info and news about current hairstyles, give you tips for great hair styling and show you the best care products for healthy hair.

Hair Colors Trends 2019: These styles will conquer our heads this year!

The hair colors trends 2019 remain feminine and elegant: very natural colors such as hazelnut, caramel and velvety red dominates – but also pastel shades and colorful hair colors remain fashionable. Be inspired by all the beautiful trend hair colors that will grace our head in 2019! The highlight: the right hairstyle.

Hair color trend 2019: Copper red

Who wants a more extreme change on the head, this year can rely on copper red, because the trend hair color is particularly popular with trendsetters in 2019 and guaranteed to cause a stir! Even stars like Madelaine Petsch, Emma Stone or Bella Thorne love the color, which stands for particularly pale skin types. If you choose copper red, you should focus on intensive hair care. Hair treatments and hair masks ensure that your hair stays healthy and the color does not lose its intensity and shine.

Hair color trend 2019: Platinum blonde

In addition to pastel shades with shimmering blond accents, platinum blond continues to be one of the most popular trend hair colors in 2019. The eye-catching color conjures up an elfin beauty look and catches the eye. Platinum blond or also known as Eisblond looks particularly exciting for the light complexion, but also medium skin types can easily wear the hair color. Incidentally, the nuance seems to be in high demand, especially among influencers. Among the biggest supporters are Caro Daur and Xenia Adonts. The downside: Bleached hair and pastel shades need extra care! Heat protection when styling, regular cures and the walk to the barber every 6-8 weeks is therefore essential.

Hair colors trend 2019: Hazelnut

The hair color brown shines this year in an even more exciting nuance: hazelnut brown! Fine caramel highlights emphasize the look, which is particularly suitable for autumn and winter and, in addition, is ideal for all skin types. For the summer, we recommend brighter shades of brown in the form of highlights in the hair that are placed around the face and look as if they were naturally bleached by the sun. Extra gloss make sure special shampoos! Tip of the editors: A glossing and a new, groovy haircut at the hairdresser can work wonders and the hair color miss an extra freshness kick.

Hair color trend 2019: Living Coral

“Living Coral” is the Pantone color of the year and not without reason. For trend-lovers and experimenters, the bang color has a lot of appeal to offer. The special feature is the color saturation of “Living Coral”. Because this is not a normal coral tone, but a coral red with orange nuances. Who likes it even more unusual and shiny, can help with highlights in a subtle gold tone. But just with this color, you should really only the professional to work. Do you have darker hair, this must be bleached here, which can lead to hair damage or even worse, a hair breakage in the wrong exercise. Combination tip: If you want to enhance your new trend hair color even better, you can tune your look with loud neon accessories.

Hair color trend 2019: Face Framing

As important as the matching hair color is also the consideration of whether the color covers only parts of the hair, is contrasted with another color or whether the sound is applied completely covering hair. This season, “Face Framing” is very trendy. Meaning: The face is highlighted by a frame created with hair color. Here the technique of dyeing is crucial. As with the balayage technique, the clay is applied with a brush. Since the color forms the frame and should not crush the face, the tone is brighter in front than behind.

Hair color trend 2019: Pastel shades

Pastel shades belong to the “soft shades”, have not been without the beauty and fashion scene since the last spring and summer seasons and celebrate this year their highlight with pink and light blue nuances. Due to their soft, extraordinary color impression, pastel shades are multi-faceted, but also striking at the same time. The best basic color for “Soft Shades” is Eisblond. So you can save yourself a harmful bleaching and even dare the color with a spray to apply. With a darker starting color, it definitely pays off to visit a color expert who cares for your hair properly and avoids blemishes as much as possible.

Care tips for dyed hair

Coloured hair needs extra care. We have tips on how to get the most out of your colour result.

1. do not wash too often

The golden rule of hair dyeing is: Don’t wash your hair right after your visit to the hairdresser! The colour pigments must still adhere to the hair structure after dyeing and this takes time – 48 hours to be precise. If you wash too early or too often, you run the risk of the hair fibres swelling and colour molecules escaping.

2. shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair

Coloured hair should definitely be treated with shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for coloured hair. These seal the coloration.

3. be careful when brushing!

Special care should be taken when brushing or combing hair. Brushing too rough can attack the dandruff layer and the colour pigments can escape. A paddle brush with natural bristles is the optimal brush for dyed hair – yet: You should also brush carefully through your hair with it.

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