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Attention, here’s where it gets hairy: We have all the info and news about current hairstyles, give you tips for great hair styling and show you the best care products for healthy hair.

Hair Coloring Tips

Brightening hair naturally: The best home remedies

Wistfully do you remember your last beach holiday, after which you were not only tanned, but also returned with a natural beach blonde? The great thing: You do not have to fly in the Holidays, spend a lot of money with the hairdresser or bleach your hair. Whether chamomile, honey or lemon juice – here are five home remedies, with which you can naturally lighten your hair. 1. Naturally lighten

Dyeing hair yourself: That’s how it works

Almost 60 percent of Austrians give their natural hair colour a helping hand, at least temporarily. And more and more often they dye at home. The brand manufacturers have come up with some ideas to make dyeing hair easy. Branded hair dyes are easy to apply, do not drip, care already during dyeing and have a high luminosity and opacity. Nevertheless, mishaps occur again and again when dyeing hair. Longer

Tinting or Coloration: What’s the difference?

Direct hair dyes: Temporary and semi-permanent These hair colors do not change the hair structure. During the dyeing process, the dyes are deposited on the surface of the hair and are slowly but surely washed out with each hair wash. Characteristics: The colour mixture is already ready for use in the package. The colour is applied to the washed, damp hair and rinsed out after 15 to 20 minutes. How

Your hair color doesn’t hold? These tips will help

Your hair color doesn’t hold? What you can do about it A new hair color or fresh highlights make us shine. Unfortunately the hair colour fades after some time, and the temptation is great to go to the hairdresser quickly to have the hair redyed. But too frequent colouring strains the hair, it becomes strawy and brittle. In the worst case, permanent dyeing can even lead to hair loss. Fortunately,

Anti-yellowish shampoo: It needs EVERY blonde for her hair!

It’s clicked, bought and hyped. It is the No. 1 on Amazon’s bestseller list and has over 1,100 consistently positive ratings. It comes from Italy and is sold daily all over the world. Which product are you talking about? We’re talking about Fanola’s “No Yellow Shampoo”, which with its anti-yellow cast effect is supposed to make the life of every dyed blonde easier. And it does! “No Yellow Shampoo” by