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Brightening hair naturally: The best home remedies

Wistfully do you remember your last beach holiday, after which you were not only tanned, but also returned with a natural beach blonde? The great thing: You do not have to fly in the Holidays, spend a lot of money with the hairdresser or bleach your hair. Whether chamomile, honey or lemon juice – here are five home remedies, with which you can naturally lighten your hair.

1. Naturally lighten hair with chamomile

A particularly gentle way to give the hair soft, golden highlights is to wash the mane with chamomile tea. Chamomile can lighten the hair up to two shades.

Here’s how it works: Pour boiling water into a large beaker. Cover a handful of dried chamomile flowers or a tea bag of chamomile with boiling water in a large beaker and leave to soak for about ten minutes. Shampoo the hair as usual, rinse with clear water and give the cooled chamomile tea over the freshly washed hair – do not rinse! Now let your hair dry in the air or in the sun. That reinforces the effect.

2. Brighten hair naturally with lemon

Sauer does not only make fun, but also blond! Lemon juice opens the scaly layer so that the sun can penetrate the hair, decomposes the natural color pigments and visibly brightens the lengths.

How to lighten your hair naturally: Simply squeeze the juice of a lemon and mix with about 250 milliliters of water. Now pour the mix of lemon juice and water into a spray bottle and apply to the hair. Now it’s off to the bikini for sunbathing! As we work on our summer tan, the sun conjures summer highlights into your hair. Beware of already toned or dyed hair! This attacks the hair structure and color-treated hair is even more strained.

3. Brighten hair naturally with honey

Honey is not only healthy, it’s also a great home remedy that helps lighten your hair naturally. The honey-containing enzyme glucose oxidase converts glucose and oxygen into hydrogen peroxide, which is also used in the hairdressing salon when bleaching. Another benefit: The bee product nourishes the hair additionally and makes it shiny and supple.

How to brighten hair naturally with honey: Mix two tablespoons of honey with your hair conditioner and apply evenly to the hair. Wrap the head with cling film and let it soak overnight – the heat enhances the lightening effect. Thoroughly rinse the hair with clear water the next morning.

4. Brighten hair naturally with salt

You are already sitting on the beach enjoying the sun? Then this tip comes as called: Just hold the head in the sea and then to dry in the sun, ready! If you still have to wait for your vacation, you can also take salt from the pantry for blonde strands in your hair.

Here’s how it works: Dissolve one teaspoon of salt (sea salt) in 250 milliliters of water. Rinse or spray hair with the mixture. Now it’s time to recharge your batteries. Rinse the salted water with clear water after about an hour and enjoy the beach-blonde!

5. Brighten hair naturally with vodka

Sounds crazy, but it really works! You can also lighten your hair with vodka. The alcohol attacks the hair structure so that the UV light can penetrate and extract the color pigments.

This is how the hair goes: Wash the hair as usual with a mild shampoo. Then pour the lengths over with a cup of vodka. Let the mane dry in the sun and then rinse the alcohol with water. Do you have dry hair or damaged hair? Then better keep your fingers off the vodka. The alcohol could dry out your mane even more and lead to split ends or hair breakage.

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