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Anti-yellowish shampoo: It needs EVERY blonde for her hair!

It’s clicked, bought and hyped. It is the No. 1 on Amazon’s bestseller list and has over 1,100 consistently positive ratings. It comes from Italy and is sold daily all over the world. Which product are you talking about? We’re talking about Fanola’s “No Yellow Shampoo”, which with its anti-yellow cast effect is supposed to make the life of every dyed blonde easier. And it does!

“No Yellow Shampoo” by Fanola: This product works effectively against the yellow tinge.

Already after the first application of Fanola’s “No Yellow Shampoo” any yellow reflexes from blond dyed or even bleached hair have disappeared. Even yellowish grey hair gets an all-round lightening with this miracle product and sends the unsightly discolorations into the desert. When using the shampoo, make sure that it remains in the hair for approx. 5 minutes after foaming so that it can develop its full effect. If necessary, the application can be repeated after thorough rinsing.

“So far the best silver shampoo of all. Use it for my blonde hair and the result is top. Let it work for 3-5 minutes is enough, if you let it work for longer the hair will turn purple ;)”, a customer wrote on September 23, 2018.

“I have tried a lot of shampoos and I am not talking about the usual brands from the drugstore. I can only recommend Fanola and I will definitely not use anything else anymore, said another Amazon customer on September 16, 2018,

“This is the very first silver shampoo that works for me after the first application. I’ve used it before and can recommend it now,” someone wrote on August 6, 2017.

“Even a friend who is actually blond and would like to have greyish hair has only taken the shampoo and already the desired color! Without hairdresser! Can only recommend it! Small tip, best to use with gloves … it makes purple hands”, a customer wrote on 1 October 2018.

What we read again and again is that the shampoo should not be used for longer than 5 minutes, otherwise there is a risk that the hair will turn purple. It has also been said many times that the shampoo achieves the desired results after the first application. Gross!

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